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We are planting 
10 million trees in Pennsylvania by 2025

We set our goal in 2018 and since then have engaged and collaborated with national, regional, state, and local agencies, conservation organizations, outdoors enthusiasts, businesses, and citizens — each with their own purpose for getting those trees in the ground.

Photo Credit: CBF Staff

10 million trees

For Pennsylvania

Whether you see one sidewalk tree or an entire forest when you look out your window, trees are a vital part of your quality of life. They improve and stabilize soil, supply oxygen, purify our air and water, reduce flooding, provide recreation, support wildlife, increase property values, cool our cities and towns, and so much more.

10 million trees

for our economy

Maybe money DOES grow on trees! Trees bolster fishing, hunting, boating, hiking, camping, and other recreational opportunities, reduce health care costs, protect and increase property values, and can increase farm productivity.

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10 million trees

For our environment

Trees and forests improve the environment locally – by reducing runoff, stabilizing streambanks, and supercharging streams’ ability to self-cleanse – and globally, by trapping carbon from the atmosphere, and helping to mitigate global climate change.

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10 million trees

for our commununities

Trees are the most cost-effective tools for keeping our communities clean, protected — and beautiful. Planting trees along streets and waterways not only improves the aesthetics of our communities, but also illustrates good land stewardship and commitment to our collective wellbeing.

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10 million trees


Trees provide more than shade. They are powerful air and water filters and can absorb and break down harmful pollutants, keeping us safe and healthy. Plus – spending time around trees has been proven to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and improve your mood!

10 million trees


From county to county and generation to generation, the trees rooted in our soil create a network of connection across the commonwealth, preserving our legacy and protecting our land for the generations yet to come.

Photo Credit: CBF Staff

Photo Credit: CBF Staff


come out and get your hands dirty!

Search our partner events for ways to get involved in your neck of the woods.

Why Trees
planting themselves is one of the only things that trees can‘t do

Trees are powerful forces of nature. We all know that they contribute to a cleaner environment, but they’re also critical to even aspects of life you might not expect like personal health, well-being, and quality of life.

  • pollution reduction

  • urban benefits

  • economic development

  • health

  • energy

  • flooding

How We Do It
every journey starts with a single ... sapling

Find out how we plan to — and will — get 10 million trees in the ground by 2025.



There are many ways to participate in reaching our goal. How will you?

our progess

trees and counting

In 2018, we set a eight year goal to plant ten million trees across Pennsylvania. That goal launched a movement that has involved collaborating with national, regional, state, and local agencies, conservation organizations, outdoors enthusiasts, businesses, and citizens ­– including you!

Photo Credit: Donegal Trout Unlimited


Donegal Trout Unlimited: The future looks bright, one stream at a time

Learn more about the amazing work our partners, volunteers, and supporters are doing by reading their stories.

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”tree“ work makes 
the dream work

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